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Hair by Adi

  • About.

    Locks of Fury is located in the busy, bustling neighborhood of Wallingford. Adi's studio can be found above Harvest Beat Restaurant on 45th and Densmore. Here Adi has their own suite where you can share dynamic one-on-one conversation in a private atmospheric setting. To access the space, you will enter through the parking lot to the restaurant's back patio and proceed up the stairs.

    Adi has been doing hair professionally since 2001, graduating from a small vocational college in Renton, WA. Shortly thereafter Adi relocated to Seattle where they worked at several Ma-and-Pa shops until starting their own business in Summer 2008.

    Adi considers themself to be something between a barber and a stylist, a hair artist if you will, and their workspace and techniques reflect this. They've always been inspired by musicians and artists. Adi loves working with all sorts of people and hearing their stories and life experiences.

  • Theory.

    "I believe true artistry is not a learned skill, but a talent that comes from within you and is executed to perfection through trial and error. Everything we learn as artists comes from experience and the willingness to progress.

    "I pride myself on giving you a full service without all the frills that you may receive in a frou-frou salon. If you're looking for a NO-FUSS service from a well-rounded stylist, you should look no further. My clientele ranges from all ages, ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, and lifestyles. I thrive on culturally diverse and open-minded, creative people. I am a trans, queer, gender-affirming and competent stylist. If you are in need of a safe, understanding space for any type of transition in your life I'm your person.

    "I specialize in putting the finishing touches on your hair. I focus on every detail from a precision bob to a fully-textured mane, making sure to style it for you in a way that can casually be repeated at home. I am known for super-precise cuts, heavy foils and bold colors... and everything in between. Detail-oriented clipper cuts and conservative professionals, I can help you too.

  • Scheduling.

    Please phone Adi directly for the most guaranteed and quickest response. They work independently, without a receptionist, so if you call during regular business hours you will be receiving a call-back within 24 to 48 hours.

    Adi runs their business by appointment-only (no walk-ins/same-day) and suggests booking your appointment at least a week in advance for cuts, and at least two weeks for color services. Due to the average person's work week, evening and weekend spots are higher in demand so please be prepared to book even further if those are the times you desire.

  • Rates and Services.

    Everyone deserves good hair, so Adi tries to keep their prices affordable in accordance with their services and skills. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    *Rates for cuts include one complimentary bang and/or neck trim between services. Hair cuts do not include a "blow-out", but a full blow dry is included with all services unless otherwise discussed.

    (prices include a pre-shampoo and post-rinse)
    Clipper cut - 33
    Short - 39+
    Long - 50+
    Style Change - 60+

    Short hair demi - 35+
    All-over base - 65+
    Partial foil - 85+
    --w/ base add 20
    Full foil - 115+
    --w/ base add 20
    Bleach and Tone - 95+
    Corrective color - 135+
    **Add Special Effects to any service for an extra 20 per color.

    Brows - 15
    Lip - 10
    Neck / hairline - 15

    Eyebrow threading 15
    Deep conditioning/hot oil/scalp treatments - 25 with service, 40 without
    Italy Curl Reducer hair relaxer - 60+

    *Up-dos are generally only offered to pre-existing clientele. An established relationship of trust is important to have with a client on that special day. If you are seeking a vintage-inspired or fashion-forward style, please don't hesitate to ask as these are specialties.

    Locks of Fury does not offer perms, Brazilian Blowouts, Keratin Treatments, nor blow-dry styling (commonly known as a "blowout"). Excessive heat styling is damaging on freshly treated hair. Adi is not a high maintenance stylist, but they will gladly fully blow dry and meticulously flat-iron your hair.

  • Operating Hours.

    • MondayCLOSED
    • Tuesday12PM-8PM
    • Wednesday12PM-8PM
    • Thursday10AM-5PM
    • Friday12PM-6PM
    • Saturday10AM-5PM
    • SundayCLOSED
    • Time ZoneUTC-08:00 (Pacific Time Zone)